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Cuba Wool/Jute Rug

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Delve into the world of intricate artistry as our skilled artisans meticulously craft the captivating Cuba Wool / Jute Rug. Each strand of this flatwoven rug is a testament to their expertise, with alternating threads of jute and wool intricately braided to create a harmonious interplay of textures and tones.

Each strand of jute and wool, artfully intertwined, forms the heart and soul of this rug. The long, tactile jute strands, known for their durability and rustic charm, elegantly contrast with the softness of the wool braids, resulting in a dynamic visual and sensory experience. This delicate dance between natural materials forms an exquisite composition that captures both tradition and contemporary design.

In the hands of our artisans, every detail matters. Each strand is carefully stitched over with threads that embody resilience, and then securely affixed to a cotton backing. This meticulous process not only enhances the rug's longevity but also imparts structural integrity that ensures it retains its shape and form.

The Cuba Wool / Jute Rug isn't just a floor covering; it's an embodiment of a timeless craft. The innate golden hue of jute, intermingled with the muted palette of dyed wool, creates a captivating contrast that breathes life into your space. The result is a rug that exudes both the charm of rustic authenticity and the sophistication of contemporary aesthetics.

As you walk upon the Cuba Wool / Jute Rug, you're greeted by a tactile symphony of textures and colors. This rug isn't just an addition to your decor; it's an experience that resonates with the legacy of artisanal craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials. With its alternating jute and wool strands, this rug is a masterpiece that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity, enriching your space with both a visual and sensory delight

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