Rivsalt Pro BBQ Himalayan Rock salt - 890gm - Kitchen Rivsalt Pro BBQ Himalayan Rock salt - 890gm - Kitchen
Rivsalt Pro BBQ Himalayan Rock salt $189.00
Take your barbecuing to a whole new level with the BBQ Pro kit by RIVSALT. Suitable for gas or charcoal barbecues, in the oven or directly on your INDUCTION, gas or electric stove tops. To use, simply add oil to the large salt surface and heat up slowly to create a sizzling cooking surface that seasons evenly as it grills meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables. For a twist, chill the blocks to create a sophisticated surface for serving sushi, fresh fruits or ice cream. The BBQ Pro kit includes an inductive metal holder and two Himalayan salt blocks. BBQ Pro is a large product that ways in at 8,5 KG and measures 38.0 x 22,5 x 6,5cm. Total Himalayan salt cooking surface is 30 x 20 cm and the salt blocks are 4,5cm thick. The thickness, which also makes the product heavy, is vital to be be able to barbecue on high temperature. Blocks with less thickness might easily crack. Handling & care instruction  Step 1: Heat slowly, at least the first time to prevent the salt from cracking. 20 min on low temperature and 20 min on medium before you reach the optimal cooking temperature. Step 2: Optimal cooking temperature. Simply sprinkle some drops of water on the salt blocks. If they sizzle you are ready to go. Step 3: Cook your food like on a normal cooking surface. use a metal kitchen tool, not plastic. You can leave the blocks on the barbecue and cook on the surface for several hours.  Step 4: Oil the top surface of the Himalayan salt blocks Step 5: After cooking, let it cool down completely to room temperature. Step 6: Clean the blocks by scraping of any stuck matter and wipe clean with a sponge. Try to keep the blocks as dry as possible. The less water the better as water dissolves the salt. Step 7: Store blocks in room temperature. Hand wash the metal holder using a mild dishwashing liquid and water. Do not put in dishwasher. Note: The metal holder is 3mm thick and suitable for all heat sources. Please make sure your BBQ pro is heated on a flat surface to prevent any warping of the metal plate.
Rivsalt Freeze & Serve Himalayan Pink Rock Plates - 1kg -
Rivsalt Freeze & Serve Himalayan Pink Rock Plates $60.00
FREEZE & SERVE includes four Himalayan salt plates, which turn any starter or dessert into a RIVSALT gastronomic experience. To use, simply pop the plates into your freezer for a couple of hours and take them out again just before serving. the plates have one flat side; great for starters like sashimi, tartar or salad, and another side with a rounded cavity; perfect for desserts like vanilla ice cream with grated raw LIQUORICE. In Michelin 2-star restaurant, Vila Joya in Albufeira Portugal, FREEZE & SERVE plates are used to exquisitely present butter.
Rivsalt Sun-dried Ginger Refill - 50g - Kitchen Accessories
Rivsalt Sun-dried Ginger Refill $30.00
GINGER belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and comes from the Karnataka- Kerla state in India. It is used in many of the same dishes as TURMERIC and these sun-dried roots complement each other extremely well. They are said to have remarkable health benefits – possibly even more so together with grated PEPPER. For some extra zing in your cooking, grate the dried roots into a classic curry, a delicious Caribbean sweet potato soup or your breakfast chia seed pudding. Or why not grate and stir into a fresh cocktail or your favorite smoothie? Works great on top of your morning latte, tea or super-healthy detox shot, too.
Rivsalt Pepper Refill - Java Long Pepercorns - 30g - Kitchen
Rivsalt Pepper Refill - Java Long Pepercorns $25.00
PEPPER REFILL is the perfect companion to the PEPPER product. Each refill tube contains about 30g aromatic long peppers from the Indonesian island of Java. The Java long peppers have their own distinctive character, as well as the familiar black pepper taste. Grated over your dish, you’ll detect surprising aromas of liquorice, aniseed and cinnamon, with a spicy sensation towards the end. Think of it as a regular black pepper with a twist.  
Rivsalt Cinnamon - Natural Cassia Bark Refill - 15g -
Rivsalt Cinnamon - Natural Cassia Bark Refill $25.00
CINNAMON in the form of cassia bark is used as a perfect flavoring agent for desserts, pastries and meat. Grated cassia bark is also used in many curry recipes and of course as a new tradition on the Swedish Christmas rice pudding. The cassia sticks are extremely hard and usually consist of one thick layer making them perfect to grate with our RIVSALT graters.  
Rivsalt Spice Grater - Kitchen Accessories Rivsalt Spice Grater - Kitchen Accessories
Rivsalt Spice Grater $40.00
With SPICE GRATER, you add flavor to your cooking in style and with ease. Specifically designed to grate all spices in the RIVSALT assortment, it’s perfectly shaped to fit in the palm of your hand (15 cm long and 2.5/5.5 cm wide) The grater is made of high-quality stainless steel and has small Japanese style blades instead of the holes you normally see on European-style graters. The small blades do the job perfectly and you see grains and shavings on the dish in front of you while you grate thanks to the grater’s small size. You know exactly when to stop. So what can you grate? Try our salt rocks, organic nutmeg or cassia cinnamon bark to enhance flavors and add aroma. Surprise your dinner guests with some raw liquorice shavings on top of a dessert. For more spicy treats we recommend our two different chilis and the spectacular tonka beans. Spices work in drinks, too. Grate and mix dried ginger, turmeric and java long peppers with water for that ultimate detox shot. Java long peppers also go great on top of your well-deserved Friday gin & tonic. Have a go and let us know what you think. Tag your best dishes and drinks with #rivsalt in your social channels. After all, cooking is a social thing and grating your RIVSALT spices is truly a gastronomic experience.
Javan Oak S & P Grinder - Kitchen Accessories Javan Oak S & P Grinder - Kitchen Accessories
Javan Oak S & P Grinder $139.00
By Wirth Crush Me grinders for salt and pepper are made in a simple and timeless Scandinavian design. The mills are made of oil-treated oak, and contain a high-end ceramic grinder mechanism from CrushGrind. The grind mechanism is adjustable and the content dispenses differently, depending on how the grinders are angled. Crush Me has a flat bottom that shields steam, which prevents the content from lumping. SIZE: H 14cm, Diameter 5.5cm COLOUR: Natural Oak
By Wirth Salt Me Salt Jar with Lid - Natural Oak - Natural - By Wirth Salt Me Salt Jar with Lid - Natural Oak - Kitchen
By Wirth Salt Me Salt Jar with Lid - Natural Oak $74.00
By Wirth Salt Me is a small salt jar with lid is a timeless design. Salt Me is made of oak, in the versions oil-treated oak and black painted oak. The lid on Salt Me protects the contents, and it can be pushed aside. This allows you to pour the salt out, and avoid dropping your fingers into the salt. SIZE: H 4.5cm, Diameter: 6cm COLOUR: Natural oak or black
Noir Marble Rough Edge board - Kitchen Accessories Noir Marble Rough Edge board - 23cm / Black - Kitchen
Noir Marble Rough Edge board from $45.00
The Noir Marble Rough Edge board is a rustic, sturdy serving board.  Perfect for serving your favourite cheeses. Note: Marble is a natural stone and varies from piece to piece.   Any spills should be wiped away immediately with clean water and a mild cleaner.
Hima Marble Wine Cooler Hima Marble Wine Cooler
Hima Marble Wine Cooler $490.00
The Hima Marble Wine Cooler is a striking cooler made from marble. Also a perfect vessel for fresh flowers or dried flower arrangements.
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