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Product Care


At Biku Furniture and homewares we stock a wide range of timber products from teak, pine to suar wood.

Please find instructions below as to how to care for your products.


Due to the inherent nature of suar wood, please expect natural imperfections, slight cosmetic splits, differences in grains etc. We believe this adds to the beauty behind the natural nature of each piece.

Suar wood only requires basic maintenance to maintain its glory. Sponge clean with a mild soap and water solution and dry the surfaces thoroughly afterwards.


Due to the nature of the wood, teak products tend to have small patches, textures and imperfections that are all part of the process and adds to their unique rustic character. The great thing about teak is that you don’t have to stain or seal it at all because it produces its own natural oils that keep the wood in good condition.

For light cleaning, we recommend warm soapy water with a damp cloth (never soaking wet). Dry the timber thoroughly afterwards. Always clean in the direction of the wood grain and never use a scouring pad as this might scratch the wood.

If you need to remove any stubborn stains or scratches then you can gently sand the area.

Teak wood has a lovely golden honey colour when new, but after time it naturally fades to a light grey. This colour change does not affect the strength of the wood but if you would prefer to keep the original colour we recommend a treatment with a teak sealer once a year. If you choose to seal your furniture, be sure that you use a sealer that is environmentally friendly and designed specifically for teak. Apply the sealer with a soft cloth; using a brush is not recommended.

Furniture meant for outdoor use must be protected in order for them to last.


Pine is often used for tables which makes them prone to spills and stains from drinks and food. Most pine furniture items are varnished to make them waterproof however we also sell raw pine furniture to show off it's natural beauty. Check in store if your pine furniture is varnished so you know how to care for it at home.

To prevent deep stains and moisture damage, keep a good selection of coasters, placemats and table runners where you can avoid food & drink direct contact with the wood. Candle wax can also be tricky to remove so don't place candles directly on pine. 

When something spills on your pine table, clean it up straight away. If spills are left too long they can cause long term damage to both the finish/varnish and eventually the actual wood. 

We also recommend dusting your pine furniture as dust particles can build up, dulling the surface and this can cause scratches.

Pine furniture should not be placed in view of direct sunlight.

You can remove small stains with a bit of toothpaste on a soft cloth. You should buff with the grain of the wood, then wipe the toothpaste off with a clean cloth and polish the table with lemon oil or wax. 

Waxed pine furniture

Waxed and varnished pine furniture is much easier to clean and protect from stains as opposed to non-varnished pine furniture as it already has a layer of protection from the wax. Like non-waxed pine furniture, regular light cleaning is important to prevent damage and keep your furniture in top condition.


Rattan can become brittle or damaged when exposed to heat or moisture.

With rattan furniture there are usually lots of nooks and crannies that can collect dust and dirt. Dust or vacuum weekly and do a thorough damp cleaning monthly. Any food, drink, or household stains should be cleaned immediately.

At least once a year, inspect the furniture for splits in the fibers and mold/mildew growth, especially if the rattan pieces have been outdoors. 

Rattan can be cleaned with soapy water. An old toothbrush is especially useful for reaching in between grooves.

The quality of rattan furniture will be compromised if left in direct sunlight and other weather conditions. If using rattan outdoors, if possible move it inside during harsh weather and place a cover over it when not in use to prolong its beauty and durability. 


Any metal furniture or parts on furniture are easy to clean. Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually sufficient to clean any metals/


Cushions and bed covers

We recommend dry cleaning linen and cotton throws and cushions. You can use a warm iron (up to 150°C) to press out any creases, ideally by protecting the material with a tea towel or similar.

Sofas - indoor

For regular care of your sofas we recommend vacuuming with an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. A gentle vacuum of the fabric should take care of most household dust.

For spot cleaning on any of our sofas we recommend blotting away any liquids or stains and following up with cold water. For washing the covers we recommend dry-cleaning for the best results. 


You can clean leather using a soft, dry cloth or a cloth and soapy water if a bit more elbow grease is required. To keep your leather looking its best, we recommend you clean it regularly with an clear leather polish.


If you have a purchased item which is made from materials not mentioned above or you have a particular care enquiry, please contact us at